30001/-30001 error


Dear UU user:
Possible Reasons:
1. The virtual network adapter installation failed;
2. The virtual network adapter was rejected during installation.
If the problem is caused by the virtual network adapter's installation process being blocked, please log out of UU and log back in; if the virtual network adapter installation prompt appears again, please click "Yes" or "Continue" at this point.
If this is not the reason, please try the following:
1. Click on the [Triple-line] icon in the upper right corner of the client - [Settings] - [Network tools] - [Uninstall virtual network adapter]; if the problem remains unresolved, please refer to the 2nd solution;
2. Remove the redundant virtual network adapter with an asterisk (*) and a hash (#) in Computer - Properties - Device Manager - Network Adapters (as the image shows) (Make sure to "Show Hidden Devices" in the "View" menu within Device Manager, or the virtual network adapter won't be displayed).