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RussiaApex Legends-JP

My friends recommended UU to me; before that, I could barely play Asian servers. After using UU, I could finally play Hong Kong and Japan servers with my friends, which helps me so much. Most important: it's FREE!


Russia - Far EastDOTA2-JP

I live in the Far East, an awkward place for gamers. I had to suffer from 200+ms no matter whether I choose European or Asian servers. after using UU my ping dropped to less than 50ms for the JP server, which was amazing.



At night, I could unpredictably experience packet loss and ping spikes when playing on the KR server, which felt quite terrible. With UU, I can completely show myself at any time and worry about nothing.

Trương Anh


As we all know the top esports teams and players of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT are gathered on the CN server. As a Platinum player, I always want to go to the CN server for improving my skills. UU helps me reduce the CN server latency by over 50%, which has greatly improved my gaming experience.



My friends and I often went to the Hong Kong server to play with overseas players, but the connection was always very unstable. Now with UU, the gameplay became obviously smoother, and you will no longer be killed unexpectedly. At last, I must say it's unbelievable that UU provides such nice service without any charge.

* 100% free in some regions during the testing period

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