How To Fix China Games Loss And Lag


In the current network environment, many Chinese game enthusiasts commonly encounter issues of latency and lag during gameplay. Just like in the popular game "Starward," whose servers are usually located within China, this poses an unavoidable challenge of cross-border data transmission for global players, and latency and lag issues may have become their top concern.





Causes and solutions for latency and lag when playing Chinese games:


Server load: Limited server capacity may lead to congestion due to too many simultaneous online players, resulting in latency. Players can try playing games during off-peak hours to alleviate this issue.


Game updates: Older versions of games may have bugs or insufficient optimization. Players should update their games promptly to ensure they are running the latest version.


Network connection: Sometimes, network latency or interruptions can cause game lag. Players should ensure that their Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to run the game or maintain the stability of their wired connection.



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UU Accelerator User Guide


Step 1: Click the download button below to install UU Accelerator.



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Step 3: Open UU Accelerator and redeem the redemption code to easily obtain free acceleration time.




Step 4: Search for the game name within UU Accelerator, such as "Starward," and click on the corresponding game icon to start the acceleration service.